Invite a friend

Heartland would like to say “thank you” for your kind recommendation.

Please read on:

If you refer someone (family,friend or acquaintance) to our archery program, as a first time student, we want to do more than just say thank-you. We want to give you a gift certificate in the amount of $20.00.

How do I get my $20 gift certificate?

Just follow these few easy steps:

  • Print and cut out your gift certificate(s) found on the link below
  • Give the gift certificate to a prospective student(s) and ask them to present it to our staff when they register for lessons as a first time student.
  • Heartland will activate your gift certificate by placing a unique “seal” impression into the paper.
  • The new student will be reminded to return the now validated gift certificate to you.
  • Heartland will now accept your gift certificate the same as cash, towards any purchase.
  • There is no limitation on the number of gift certificates you can qualify for
  • The is no stated expiration date on your gift certificate and they will remain in effect as long as you are an actively enrolled student.
  • Your gift certificates are not transferable to anyone else.

How do I get my $20 gift certificate when they register for classes over the phone?

Good question-we don’t want you to miss out either! Here’s the answer…

  • When the new student registers, they only need to mention to us that you were instrumental in their decision to join Heartland’s archery program.
  • OR  Heartland will routinely ask new registrants if someone was instrumental in their decision to join.
  • We can then create a validated gift certificate in your name and provide email notification to you
  • The certificate will be kept on file for you to pick up (30 days) – That simple

Click here for printable gift certificate